Dentistry For Infants, Children And Those With Special Needs
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What Sets Us Apart

Fruit and vegetable stand

Waiting Room

At Toothbud, we aim to teach our little patients that a healthy smile begins with a healthy diet. Grab a basket and shop at our Toothbud Farmers Market, or put on an apron and let’s get cooking in our Toothbud Café. Your children will love learning about a healthy diet in this fun, hands-on environment.

Brush-up Station

Time to shine up those teeth at our Brush Up Station! Come and sample some toothpaste and see areas that need extra attention. The purpose of this station is to reinforce to children that daily dental care is vital for the success of a healthy, disease free mouth. Your kids will enjoy demonstrating their hygiene skills, and our Toothbud team can recommend some ideas to help dazzle that smile.

Kids brushing teeth


Private Exam Rooms

We understand the effort it takes to bring a family to appointments. We have your comfort in mind. Our practice has family-sized exam rooms that are ideal for parents with their hands full. More importantly, you will be able to stay with all of your children for the entire appointment. In this private environment, parents and professionals will be able to freely discuss questions or concerns. We also have a smaller room that is better suited for those little ones who are more comfortable in a parent’s lap during their exam.

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Promote Natural Products

It is our mission to promote a healthy lifestyle and environment for all of our kids. We are pleased to offer dye-free, gluten-free and fluoride-free products for those families who prefer them. And, we are always learning more! Please let us know of any other great products you and your family love.